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our new 'bliss box' guides you on your journey to caring for your skin, soul, and self.

commited to sustainability + creations made small in the USA

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n e w: cloud 9 CBD facial elixir

made with 100% pure hemp oil and 50mg CBD isolate

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n e w: got zen? facial grains

with cambrian clay and blue spirulina for a renewed complexion

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n e w: face off cleanser

with 5% willow bark + ecoCERT approved PHA (polyhydroxy acid)


soulful, skincare

discover our N E W herbal tisane, balanced beauty, which helps support a fresh complexion from within.

I'm in love already! I really like the new packaging with the "how to love" product instructions. Super helpful.

marisa m.

The new 'face off' is the product my skin was missing. it naturally exfoliates the complexion, and is more gentle than other AHA or BHA products I've tried.

samantha r.

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read up on our reviews to learn about the dragonfly experience.

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our current processing time is 2-4 business days, excluding transit time.

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time for bliss.

are you ready for feel-good living but don't know where to start? meet: bliss box. read up to discover a simple start for skin, soul, and self!

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ritual must haves

ritual must haves

do not disturb.

a ritual that supports your skin and soul. available in 3 variations, because we all like something a little different.

learn the golden rules for apothecary products

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..you can see and feel a difference in your skin after first use. After a couple days of consistent use your face will be so hydrated and have the best glow. I love that the products are truly natural and organic. I know how much time and love they put into creating them..

kayla w.

..not only does my skin feel good but because it is all natural my mind feels good and because of your customer service my heart feels good.

sandy a.