25 ways to freedom

by the team at dragonfly co.

dragonfly co. - Jun 1, 2020

25 ways to Freedom

Freedom - multitasking facial + body oil is a staple in so many rituals. as one of our original apothecary products, and its versatility has made it a must-have for just about every skin type. the gentle blend of jojoba + neroli, trick the skin into thinking it's already producing oil, which in turn minimizes excess sebum and blemishes. need we say more? nevertheless, 'freedom' has proven itself to not just be beneficial for face, but also body + hair. these are our top 25 ways we love to freedom.


moisturize. use AM + PM in place of a moisturizer for oily, acneic skin

enhance. apply to neck and décolletage for an extra glow! 

boost. 1 drop into your cream moisturizer for added blemish protection benefits

mix. adding to your bb cream or foundation will help with seamless application

finish. press 2 drops into the cheeks + forehead, at the end of your ritual


spot treat. (yes, on the body) use on décolletage and chest to help prevent and correct pesky breakouts

swap.  ditch your store-bought cream and moisturize with Freedom after the shower 

repair. apply after shaving to help support prevention of ingrown hairs and soothing razor bumps

combine. 3-4 drops mixed with pure shea or kokum butter for ultimate nourishment

. a couple drops onto heels, elbows, and knees to moisturize rough skin

H A I R 

tame. warm 1-2 drops into palms and press onto scalp to tame fly-aways  

pre-wash. massage into scalp for a soothing, moisture treatment before washing

moisturize. use what's left on your hands after applying to face, to soothe dry ends

slick. opt for stylin' with Freedom for that slicked-back pony

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what's your favorite way to Freedom?

we want to hear from you! do you use Freedom any of the ways mentioned above? or maybe, you want to add one to the list? drop a comment below.. let's hear it!

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