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zoom do not disturb
zoom do not disturb

do not disturb

the ritual that focuses on your skin + soul. throw up the "do not disturb" sign and escape into a moment for you. mix up your mask, steep a cup of our herbal tisane in your mug, throw on a feel-good song, and chill out. you deserve it.


this ritual includes:

facial grains, full-size
for your at home masking experience

balanced beauty, 1 week supply
for your well-from-within skin
wood pulp tea bags, 4
for feeling good about your cup
hand thrown ceramic mug
for your herbal tisane sippin'

everything bowl, lg
for mixing your mask, keeping your tea bag, resting your spoon

this ritual has (3) variations, each which will include a different color mug, bowl, and facial grains.

here's the breakdown on which each "mood" set includes. you'll get the individualized items + (1) balanced beauty, 1 week supply + (4) wood pulp tea bags 


keep calm smoothing facial grains
midnight/black hand thrown ceramic mug*
neutral just about everything bowl*


got zen? renewing facial grains
blue hand thrown ceramic mug*
blue just about everything bowl*


perk up revitalizing facial grains
pink hand thrown ceramic mug*
pink just about everything bowl*

*an exclusive item, only available in this ritual


creator: Dragonfly Co.

do not disturb