good intentions.

a  h a v e n  m i n i - c o l l e c t i o n

this mini-collection is about 

embracing the soulful moments. 

it's about looking good because 

you feel good and feeling good
because you are the good.

get ready to elevate.

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stay wild

choose to 'change for good' with dragonfly co. by rounding up your purchase for 'the conscious kid'

valid until 8.31.20.

create your 3 step ritual

1. choose your skin care

2. + a soulful element

3. accessorize your self

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bliss box it

we make embracing a feel-good lifestyle, simple. when in doubt, choose our 'bliss box' where you'll experience what it's like to care for your skin, soul, and self with our hand-picked favorites. includes a step-by-step care card, so you're guided on your journey. 

ps. makes a special gift, too.


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