zoom bundle of peace
zoom bundle of peace

bundle of peace

an ancient ritual, made fresh (literally). cleanse the energy + charge your space with peaceful + chill vibes, only. 


made by hand using:

supports relaxation

blue juniper*+
purifies + energizes
removes negative energy 
palo santo*+`
encourages peace

pure hemp rope*+`
sustainable material 

+organic ingredient
^ may vary in color + size due to harvest

set a peaceful intention + get ready to harness the plant's energy. start by lighting the end of your bundle and blowing it out to release the flame. direct the smoke around your body + space, revisiting your peaceful intention. lay the bundle down to finish burning on our 'feel the vibrations' plate or heatproof dish. 

burning sacred + powerful herbs is a soul-care ritual for: 

harnessing a more purified space

clearing and renewing energy

supporting awareness n' mindfulness 

+ according to some studies, can even improve air quality, but we'll leave that to the experts.

the traditional herb used? sage.

but in fact, when looking to attract peaceful vibes eucalyptus + palo santo are king. you'll find all 3 in our bundle of peace for a balanced, soulful ritual.

items made by hand may vary in color, size, and texture, but just think.. it's uniquely yours!

at Dragonfly Co. we believe in real + transparent.

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bundle of peace