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stay wild

not your hippie incense. a clean burn with coastal, bloomy, surfs-up vibes. get ready to close your eyes + be california dreamin'. 

hand-dipped with:

charcoal incense
purifies your space

provides a clean burn
phthalate-free fragrance oil
scents the air with wildflowers + sea air

packaged in:

recycled envelope
for feel-good vibes

+organic compound

daytime; we love to light it up + enjoy the sensorial benefits during a morning ritual of caring for your skin or beginning your day. for those who love fresh, bright scents.

light the charcoal end of the incense, allowing the flame to burn for 10-15 seconds, blow on flame to extinguish, and allow the incense to naturally burn. 

burn time: ~45 minutes

at Dragonfly Co. we believe in real + transparent.

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creator: Dragonfly Co.

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stay wild