zoom the universe within
zoom the universe within
zoom the universe within
zoom the universe within

the universe within


the approachable, eco-friendly oracle deck for reflection + guidance into your Universe within; skin, soul, and self.


intuitively created by us, for you:

12 cards
for reflection 

explaining each card's meaning 

packaged in:

biodegradable clamshell box++
for good keeping

++ sustainable materials

as your daily/weekly self-care ritual, step away from the outside world and lean into the Universe within by pulling a card, or two, or three to welcome guidance for your skin, soul, and self. 

💭 which ritual would feel-good to you? 


beginning with just the universe within


uncovering with the universe within + journaling in the good book


evolving with the universe within + journaling in the good book + inviting intention with sacred space

the answers of the Universe are already within: you. incorporating this reflection deck into your self-care ritual is for stepping into your higher power + guiding you towards truths you already know, but may have forgotten.

this product features 100% good for the enivironment materials:

biodegradable container for keeping your deck + guide
chlorophyll paper (cool, right?) for your guidebook 
+ 100% recycled labels

printed exlusively for DRAGONFLY CO. by chloe of 'barrio letterpress' in hackensack, new jersey. she's printed every deck + guide, on a letterpress + was probably drinking coffee + wearing her work of art earrings while working her magic.

at Dragonfly Co. we believe in real + transparent.

• these are recommendations based on our or the creator's intuitive knowledge and does not substitute medical care or advice.
• we're all a little different, and we make no guarantee that a product or remedy will work for you, although we hope it will! 
• keep flamable items away from children and pets + always use in a well ventilated space.
• our product information and knowledge provided on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
• comments and feedback about product effectiveness are based on community opinions and we almost recommend consulting a health practioner, prior to new rituals.

Information on this website has not been evaluated or approved by the Food & Drug Administration.


creator: Dragonfly Co. x Barrio Letterpress

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the universe within